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The High Noon Club started in March of 2009 with the idea of bringing citizens together with their elected public officials to meet and discuss the government effects on their daily lives.

Throughout the years, many Federal, State and local officials have welcomed the opportunity to dialog with knowledgeable and concerned citizens.

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Our Mission

Please join the High Noon Club on Facebook.  This is a great way to get information on upcoming speakers and to stay connected.  If you would like to be included on our email list, please submit your information on our contact page.

To bridge elected political representatives and voters together for better understanding and education on issues we face in government.

To promote conservative debate on State and Federal issues. Then to inform voters of these issues through education.

            Meets every Monday @ 12 Noon
                   H & H Shooting Sports
               ~ ~ ~ Banquet Room ~ ~ ~
                400 South Vermont Street

                           Suite 108
                Oklahoma City, OK 73108

HIGH NOON CLUB is a Free Citizens Public Forum


Come join us every week to learn from speakers from around the world, which have included; James Woolsey, Trevor Louden, Phyllis Schlafly, Avi Lipkin, Frank Gaffney, Joe the Plumber, Scott Lively, David Green, Charl Van Wyk, Marc Nuttle, William "Bill" Federer, Ward Connerly.  We also hear from many of our local, State and Federal elected policy makers.

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Bob Dani


Email: rndani@gmail.com

  • United States Constitution
  • Bill of Rights
  • The Bible
  • Allegiance to the American Flag

We believe in America

Paul Sublett

Email: psublett@cox.net

  • Informed Citizens
  • Accountable Elected Officials
  • Open respectful debates
  • A Fiscally Free America

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